Monday, July 18, 2016

Solar Echoes at Shore Leave 2016 (part 1/5)

I'm back from a very full weekend at the Shore Leave sci-fi convention, where I ran Solar Echoes games all weekend. I began on Saturday at 10am and did not finish until 1am, and Sunday I ran things from 10am until 4pm when everyone started closing up shop. Usually, I have anywhere from 3-5 players per game, but this weekend, there were never fewer than 5 players at the table, and most of the time it was up to 7 or 8 players! This really put the Solar Echoes game engine to the test, but we were still able to keep things moving quickly for everyone, and the energy and excitement of the players was continual. This week, I'll share some highlights of the games, but today, I'll open with a new twist on the “Gun Runners” mission: I used a newly completed full-color map for the warehouse in the mission, and I also tried out a new system for stealthy characters trying to recon through the air-duct system in the ceiling of the warehouse. Look at the pictures below to see how a character can open up a small field of vision when moving over the air-conditioning grates.


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