Thursday, July 21, 2016

Solar Echoes at Shore Leave 2016 (part 4/5)

In another mission, agents were assigned to investigate a distress signal from a drifting starship. The characters boarded the starship after testing for life-signs, but because of the ion gas emanating from its damaged engines, they were unable to get a reading. Half of the team stayed on their ship, while the other half went onto the derelict craft and hacked into the database to access log files. There was evidence on the ship that someone had attempted to wipe away bloodstains! Without revealing any big spoilers to the mission, let's fast forward—events unfolded so that the characters ended up on a nearby planet. The planet's atmosphere was primarily CO2 and Argon, so characters had to put on sealed suits to survive the deadly environment. One character became curious about the existence of strange plant life, and went to investigate a plant. He got too close, and the plant lashed out at him with a thorny vine, puncturing his sealed suit. Another teammate came to help, but he, too, was attacked by the plant and vented oxygen. The team was without any ability to seal the holes, so they spent some of the mission with one hand plugging the leak until they could change into the only 2 spare suits they had available. Some sage explorer's advice: wherever you go in the galaxy, always carry a roll of duct tape!

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