Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Update Player's Guide Available, Temporary Discount!

The new update for the Solar Echoes Player's Guide is now live! You can find it here at RPGnow.com through this discount link, which expires on Sunday:

Update Details:
* NEW AND IMPROVED DICE SYSTEM! As before, roll your attribute dice for a skill check and select the highest number rolled. However, any 6 rolled past the first adds 1 to the total, but if any 1's are rolled, subtract 1 from the total.
--Dice Probability Table Included—Your chance of rolling four 6's with four dice is very small (1/1296) but I've seen it done, and that gives you a 9, before even adding skill ranks!

* NEW INTERROGATION RULES! As before, when trying to raise an NPC's Posture to a target number, failing a Persuasion check lowers his Posture. However, the NPC can also “talk back” and make a Persuasion check against you! If he succeeds, he can lower his own Posture, too, which means, if he gets it down to 1, the interrogation is over—he has become totally uncooperative and has gone completely hostile!

* NEW RACIAL VULNERABILITIES! The reptilian Krissethi are more susceptible to being slowed by cold damage, the plant-like Erwani catch fire more easily, the insectoid Chiraktis are more sensitive to chemical attacks, the amoebic Omuls are more susceptible to irradiation from energy weapons, the large-eared Reln are more sensitive to sonic attacks, and the large-shelled Archaeloids are easier to hit with melee weapons when they've been knocked prone!

* NEW CHARACTER SHEETS! I re-designed the original character sheets, and artist John Fell added an amazing graphical polish. These are the coolest character sheets I've seen for an RPG!

* NEW CHARACTER SHEET PDF FORM! I designed a version of the new character sheet that has entry fields, so you can type in your details, save the form, print it out, and access it later when your character levels up or gains new items!

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