Friday, May 5, 2017

So What's Next for Solar Echoes? (3/3)

If skirmish rules aren't really your thing and you'd prefer to see the role-playing aspect of Solar Echoes developed more, I have a few other possible projects on the back-burner. I have artwork from John Fell of new alien lifeforms waiting to be used, and I've planned to include some of it in another Explorer's Guide. If you remember the recent release at the beginning of this year, “Explorer's Guide to Sa'mesh,” I detailed a planet, it's economy, society/culture, food, unique weapons, NPC's, and a new lifeform with a short mission that involved an encounter with that lifeform. Another Explorer's Guide would follow the same format, and would help GM's expand their universe with yet another exciting planet to visit and possibly develop into a full campaign. If you'd rather see something different than another Explorer's Guide, another plan of mine is to start a mission series, where several missions are all part of a larger, sequential story. That's an involved plan with a lot of writing and things to figure out, but it is something I've already set in motion with a few pages of ideas. So what is your vote? Skirmish rules, a new Explorer's Pack, or a mission series? Maybe you have another idea—feel free to share!

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