Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Balticon 51 Battle Report: The Weaponized Omul

There are so many stories to tell about Solar Echoes missions this last week, I think I'm just going to touch on some of the memorable highlights. Even though I don't remember everything that happened, there were some moments that really stick out in my memory. My favorite moment of the weekend was during the “Egg Drop” mission, when the characters had to figure out what the final destination of an illegal shipment. They needed to board a public starliner, but because they were UG agents carrying tons of weapons, it was going to be very hard to do covertly. So, the team decided to hide their weapons in two ways: One of the team had risked buying a mysterious Voidsea artifact (illegal of course!) that was an extra dimensional space for smaller items. Naturally, smaller weapons were dropped in there. The larger weapons, however, went to the amoeba-like Omul. The plan was for him to be the only “overt” agent, and so as the others boarded the starliner as tourists, the Omul lugged everyone's large weapons around, showing his badge to officials confirm his UG agent status. The transparent bag of cytoplasm was clanking around with weapons sticking out and floating around in him, including a sniper rifle, assault rifle, and even a large hand axe!

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