Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Operation: Void Hunter (at Balticon 51)

If you remember the Explorer's Guide to Sa'mesh released a few months ago, it detailed the Krissethi planet of Sa'mesh. This planet is owned by Krissethi clans, and though it is officially considered a wildlife preserve, the Krissethi use it as a tourist attraction for hunters seeking to make a name for themselves. Competitions, survival and hunting shows, and even annual syndicated tournaments among the Krissethi clans make Sa'mesh a very popular location for the reptilian warriors. In Operation: Void Hunter, the Union Guard is sending its agents to investigate an unregistered Reln Voidrunner landing mysteriously on the planet. This type of starship has an enigmatic reputation, known for its ability to travel into the dangerous dimensional rift in space known as the Voidsea. Can the agents get the information they need from the rough Krissethi hunter population? Will they manage to survive the deadly lifeforms on Sa'mesh during their search for the mysterious starship? What will the team of agents discover if they manage to find the Voidrunner? Find out the answers this weekend, at Balticon 51! 

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