Friday, May 19, 2017

Are We Becoming Cyborgs? (part 5)

If you can imagine a future where people no longer talk but have gained the ability, through technology, to communicate by thought signals alone, perhaps Elon Musk is right after all. If we begin communicating like machines, are we not essentially cyborgs? I have often posited the science fiction scenario that the supposed “war with the machines” will not be fought upon a landscape filled with metal and lasers. Rather, it will be a more insidious and subtle battle that some will fight in the name of preserving humanity. Our fusion with technology already exists, but how far is too far? Where is the line, and should there be one? With concerns about monitoring by a futuristic government and high-tech hackers, will this technology lead us to an Orwellian 1984, where we can be punished for “thought crime?” The idea of a computer picking up anything I'm thinking bothers me, especially considering that our online and smartphone activity can already be archived and reviewed. Personally, I prefer we keep brain-computer interface at the hardware level, where we'd need to have neuro-prosthetics physically implanted. At least then we might be able to decide against it!

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