Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tips for Character Building

Do you have a Solar Echoes character you'd like to create? Some details for character creation are included in the Character Pack, but you'll need the Player's Guide if you really want to fully design your character. For example, the optional physique and personality choices that are available allow you to add some interesting advantages to your character, though these advantages often have disadvantages associated with them, too. If you choose the “Nimble” physique, you can improve your movement speed, but the downside is you'll suffer a small penalty to melee combat. While these traits allow you to somewhat customize your character, the expansive list of over 270 talents in the Player's Guide really empowers you to build the kind of special-op's alien agent you've been dreaming up. Not all of the talents are available at level 1, however, but you can plan towards the skill and/or talent requirements necessary to open up some of the more advanced talent choices.

Where do you start when building a character in Solar Echoes? My best advice is to choose an alien race first, but you can really start from any angle. Do you have your heart set on being a sniper? Then use your character's money to buy a sniper rifle first and begin building your character around that, choosing stealth-related talents and then picking a character race that is well-suited for sneaking around. Sometimes the strengths of a particular race can help you better decide on the type of character you'd like to build. The Reln, for instance, has the highest Influence attribute score, so putting skill points in Persuasion and Discern Motive is a great start for a Reln character, followed by the selection of some Persuasion related talents such as “Convincing Lie” or “Fast Talker.”

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