Monday, May 8, 2017

Character Back-stories!

The new Solar Echoes demo, Operation: Flash Strike, has seen a lot of downloads this weekend since it's release on Friday. As I was looking at the download statistics on, I saw that someone also purchased the old “Character Pack” this weekend, and I suddenly remembered that the old supplement was outdated by the new demo! The new demo contains the same pre-made characters, plus much more, and it didn't seem right for me to keep charging $1 for the Character Pack in it's current form. So, this weekend I spent time updating the Character Pack, check it out here:

I've added in details about the history of the Union Guard (this info can't be found anywhere else!) plus character back-stories for each of the pre-made characters. I labeled these as “Agent Profiles,” and you can read about each character's unique story and how they ended up joining the Union Guard. I've also included the pre-made characters found in the free Flash Strike demo, but with alternate portrait art using the original Solar Echoes art of Jay Darnell. The included character map icons also feature Jay's original art, and though it's in black and white, I continue to use these icons for NPC's, printed with colored paper. I hope you like the look of the new Character Pack!

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