Thursday, May 25, 2017

Solar Echoes in 1 year, Balticon Comparison

I was looking over some photos from last year's Balticon 50 convention, and it struck me how different Solar Echoes looks on the game table in only 1 year! I've included a comparison between last year's Balticon and how things are going to look this weekend at Balticon 51—you'll see some cool changes. For one thing, the old black and white paper maps have been replaced by full color maps with improved artwork. There are also a few more props involved, such as the little Tonka shipping crates that characters can use for cover. The most noticeable improvement, of course, is the switch from stand-up, paper map icons to fully-painted, 3D-printed Solar Echoes miniatures! I'm excited to see how people respond to the new look—especially those that might be visiting again from last year's Balticon. See you tomorrow!

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