Friday, May 12, 2017

Character Building with Backgrounds

Another way to start building your character is to start with a back-story, rather than try to write one to fit your character's stats. Did your character grow up in an isolated moon colony? If so, that character probably learned to be resourceful to survive, so you'd likely have ranks in Resourcefulness and eventually get the “Ingenious Crafter” talent. Maybe your character grew up working in starship repair, so your engineering skills and ability to repair vehicles and armor are unusually well-developed. You can come at the process from any angle, and though the steps are there to help you keep it all straight, you can build your own character your way. In the meantime, though, try out the game itself and jump into the action with one of the pre-made characters in Operation: Flash Strike, and get to know those characters better with the Character Pack!

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