Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It's Election Day! Vote for your favorite alien government!

Archaeloid Demarchy: Rule by officials that met requirements and submitted their names to a lottery from which they were randomly chosen. After term, citizens vote either for continuance or for a new lottery.

Chiraktis Monarchy: Rule by the queen with absolute power over the Hive

Erwani Technocracy: Rule by technical experts, scientists, and engineers

Human Meritocracy/Democracy: Rule by the intelligent and skilled, with appointments made by votes of the citizens

Krissethi Confederated Oligarchic Aristocracy: Rule by the largest tribe with the most status and wealth, with power from the top down among competing, lesser tribes

Omul Collectivist Anarchism: Officially lacks any specific ruling leaders. Production is owned collectively and managed by the producers, shared among all citizens.

Reln Noocracy: Rule by the educated elite

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