Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Archaeloid vs. Omul Battle Art Update

I'm still working with John Fell on poses for our two sci-fi alien warriors, and the Archaeloid stances with the steel bo-stick are just about decided, though they are rather contingent on what happens with the Omul. Not to be too “punny,” but the situation with the Omul is still rather “fluid.” We're trying different poses with the Omul to figure out just what to do with his arms with regards to the katana he's wielding. One arm just didn't look right to me, but the current approach with two isn't exactly right, either. I've given John some suggestions to try for the next iteration, and we'll see how that goes, but below is where we're at right now. The Omul bottom is also a concern, but we haven't started working on that yet. My idea is to take the stances of humans and convert that over to an Omul somewhat, but I told John to draw the legs like someone wearing really baggy pants. I don't want the Omul to look like he has legs per se, but I think his base needs to look like he has some kinetic energy wound up and releasing as he strikes with his sword.

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