Tuesday, November 15, 2016

ESPodcast_42 Group Plays Solar Echoes (part 1/4)

Sorry I missed my post Monday—I got in at 3am thanks to a late-night Solar Echoes game, and had to be somewhere at 4:30am, so I spent a few extra hours sleeping! The last couple weekends, I ran a Solar Echoes demo for some of the guys over at ES_Podcast. Their group of players is much more role-playing focused, and the six of them seemed to not be very interested in combat. I decided to run a mission for them that was focused on investigation and story, with a variety of characters. The only problem was that this mission is written for character levels 8-9, and these guys were just starting out at level 1. However, one advantage of the Solar Echoes game system is the ability to quickly adjust level challenges without having to rewrite everything. If you'd like more details on how this works, check out the free download of “The Overnight Elite Pack,” which explains how to quickly level up a scenario—this same process can be used in reverse as well. In the end, I think the mission challenges felt very balanced and the usual fast gameplay Solar Echoes is known for was not affected. This week, I'll cover a few of the memorable moments during the mission and share with you some of the fun role-playing moments of the ES_Podcast gamers!

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