Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Help Design New Artwork! (Which Weapons?)

From the feedback I've been getting, the Omul is looking like he is going to be the Archaeloid's opponent in the upcoming Solar Echoes alien fight artwork! (I ran a popularity contest last week and the Omul was the clear winner, and people I've been talking to would all like to see him fight the Archaeloid.) Now the question is, what weapons should these two be using to fight? I want them to be up-close and personal in a melee fight, so ranged weapons (firearms) are out. We already have a variety of melee weapons available in Solar Echoes, but a number of them hint at Japanese culture: katana, bo-stick, razor-ono (axe), and throwing knives (kunai). I've always seen the Archaeloid as kind of a samurai-type character, considering his thick, armored shell. The Omul almost seems like a ninja, so I'm leaning towards the Archaeloid using a steel bo-stick while the Omul uses a katana (maybe with a few kunai in a pseudopod, as well). Past art for the Archaeloid has him holding two energy swords, and I considered an energy sword instead of a katana, but then I'm sure everyone will be arguing about whether it can cut through a steel bo or not (trust me—just google online about “lightsaber capabilities” and you'll find tons of geek discussions about it). Yet, if I use the steel bo and a katana as the character's weapons, will it look sci-fi enough? They'll of course have other gear and firearms in holsters and such, so hopefully that will be enough to convey this is still sci-fi. Thoughts?

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