Monday, November 21, 2016

French Game Club Mission Report (part 1)

The French gaming club, Les Petit Joueurs (“Little Gamers”) has recently played the “Egg Drop” mission in Solar Echoes. The mission involves intercepting an operation to smuggle Chiraktis eggs and then posing as the smugglers to determine where the eggs were being moved to. Chiraktis are known for trying to illegally expand their kind outside their own borders, and their actions violate the Non-Proliferation Addendum of the Interstellar Union. When the team finds the smuggler's ship, the Reln, Prof. Zholtaân, decides to communicate with the ship’s captain. He attempts a bluff to pretend he is a young and inexperienced captain, that the communication array of his ship is damaged. The high persuasion score of Prof. Zholtaân also allows him to convince the smugglers that he is the nephew of a rich Reln merchant, and he offers part of his cargo in exchange for repairs. Once they are onboard, Prof. Zholtaân, flanked by the Archaeloid Oosnubu, negotiate with the smugglers, who ask for all their cargo for the repairs. They are distracted by the cunning words of the Reln and the imposing presence of the Archeloid, and fail to spot the third member of the team, Khassim, the Krissethi infiltrator, stealthily moving between the crates of the cargo bay, arriving suddenly at the captain’s back to hold him at gun point. Khassim uses his intimidation advantage to convince the captain to order his crew to surrender and get onboard the XR-Celthrin without resisting. Once the smugglers are placed into custody within the ship’s cabins, the team reveals they are in fact UG agents, and proceed to a quick interrogation, as well as a search of the crew and cargo.

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