Tuesday, November 22, 2016

French Game Club Mission Report (part 2)

By crossing-checking the information gathered from the hacking of the captain’s computer and the interrogation of the crew, the team discovers that the rendezvous is set in a bar on the Hemera Spaceport, a space station in orbit around the mining planet Lithos. The captain never met his contact, and he is supposed to find out his identity in a coded conversation with the bartender, which will reveal the contact who is ready to offer payment for the smuggled cargo. The team leaves the smugglers in the custody of the agents onboard the XR-Celthrin and takes the cargo ship to the rendezvous point on the Spaceport. On the way, they take a closer look at the cargo, and Khassim discovers the hidden Chiraktis eggs. Khassim also manages to plant a passive tracker in one of the Chiraktis eggs crates in order to trace the cargo if it moves beyond their surveillance. A few hours later, the cargo ship arrives in sight of the spaceport, and the team manages to work together to solve a problem that could have had dire consequences--they realize the smugglers deactivated the ID beacon of their ship to be less detectable, which could have triggered the spaceport to shoot them down if they did not reactivate it on time. Once the team docked their ship at the Spaceport, they looked for the bar mentioned by the captain, the Star Wrangler. A success on their Awareness check allows them to spot a holo-animation, where a Krissethi with a large cow-boy hat captures stars with a lasso at the bar entrance. The Star Wrangler is crowded by many patrons when they enter, and members of all the different races occupy the establishment. The team decides to split up around the room, just in case things take a violent turn when they approach the smuggler contact.

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