Friday, November 18, 2016

ESPodcast_42 Group Plays Solar Echoes (part 4/4)

The ESPodcast group consisted of 6 players, which in some other role-playing games might result in slow gameplay. However, the pace moved quickly in combat and when the group was out of combat, their interactions were very entertaining across all of their different characters and personalities. There was Mike, who played the well-spoken Reln, the “face” of the team in social encounters and commander of the crew aboard their starship. There was JT, the lurking Krissethi that seldom spoke but often assisted from the shadows, also serving as the team's Science Officer aboard the starship, helping the pilot maneuver into blind spots. The tough Archaeloid was played by Nick, who often used his presence to intimidate and served as the team's tactical officer, operating the starship weapons to great effect. The pilot of the team was Stacey, aka “ACE,” played by Dominick (Dom), who not only piloted the team out of danger in starship dogfights but also was quite effective in social encounters, especially with human males. Dave played the team's Erwani, who helped with the investigation and sometimes took over as captain so Mike's Reln could use his engineering skills to assist in battle. And finally, there was the chaotic Omul “Jones,” played by Jordan, who was the team's hacker and Com Officer aboard the starship, often jamming the sensors of enemy ships to confuse them in battle. Together, the 6 players made every game session exciting and very interactive, and it was great to see everyone working as a team aboard their starship, using their respective skills in their investigation, and to survive or bring down enemy starships in the starship race known as “The Tarball Run.”

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