Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ESPodcast_42 Group Plays Solar Echoes (part 2/4)

The mission for the team was to infiltrate a famous sporting event—a starship race—and locate a particular pilot wanted by the Union Guard (UG). The pilot had won the race 5 years prior (the race occurs every 5 years) and the UG had tried to capture him then, but he had used deadly force and killed the agents pursuing him. One problem was that this pilot was very good at hiding and changing his true identity, so the team had very little to go on. The plan was for the team to enter the arena several days before the race to talk with various racing teams and try to narrow things down to locate the target.

Things did not start well, because the team's pilot, a human female character named Stacy (aka. “ACE”) failed her pilot check as she was entering the landing bay, scratching their starship against the inner walls in the tightly-packed starship bay. This earned them a bit of a negative reputation right from the start, and it was difficult to be taken seriously when word spread to the other racing teams in the competition. The player who was playing “ACE” did a great job with his character, though, and stayed in character through a number of challenging situations. One comical theme that continued to return with his character was her desire to win the race—“ACE” kept losing sight of their mission goals and was intent on figuring out how to beat the other teams. The Reln character, “Ki,” on their team that played the role of commander continually had to reprimand her and remind her of their true purpose, and the players did a fantastic job at acting this out.

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