Thursday, November 17, 2016

ESPodcast_42 Group Plays Solar Echoes (part 3/4)

An interesting encounter with the group of players was when they happened upon a Reln black-market dealer of Voidsea artifacts at the race. He was of course advertising his wares as if they were “curios” from a past culture, but when the Arena Security guards were not around, he revealed that what he really had were powerful pieces of ancient technology discovered in the Voidsea. Most of the team wanted to move on, but two of the player's characters were very interested. They let him make his sales pitches and he explained that he'd just sold one of his most powerful items to another racing team, so if this team had any chance of beating them, they needed one of his artifacts. Despite the constant warnings of the Archaeloid teammate that they was being scammed, the human female, ACE, and the Omul on their team, “Jones,” really wanted to pool the team's resources so they could afford to buy one of the expensive items, the “Comet Harness.” It was a lot of fun watching the players interact during this encounter, as they argued and reasoned together—the role-playing was excellent. Unfortunately, in the end, the supposedly wiser heads won the argument and they moved on, though later in the race, they did encounter the racer that had purchased a Voidsea artifact and witnessed a spectacular display of technology they had never seen before.

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