Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Post-product Release Blues

What does a product designer do after his product is complete and it has been released out into the wild to survive on its own? Yesterday the Explorer's Guide to Sa'mesh went live on, and I've done all the marketing for it that I know how to do. As sales are coming in, I find myself wondering something I haven't thought for weeks because I was so focused on the Guide...I'm asking myself, “What's next?” I could take a break, but it's not in my nature—I can't wait to get started on a new project! Interestingly enough, another project that was being worked on simultaneously is about to come to a close, though most of the work has been on the artist's side, with me advising on tweaks here and there. That project is the new 3D sculpt for the Reln Voidrunner starship, and I literally just received an email with the final image from 3D-artist Charles Oines. I've pasted the original artwork from Jay Darnell that this design is based on in the upper left, so you can make comparisons. Isn't it cool?! I can't wait to try printing this on my 3D printer, plus uploading and ordering my own copy from Shapeways!

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