Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Game Mileage Varies By Age (part 2)

Don't get me wrong, I like a good challenge in my games. I suppose one of my biggest complaints, though, is a game that doesn't make my objectives clear and causes me to wander around aimlessly, dealing with random encounters that feel purposeless because I don't know where I'm going. I also don't like games that I can put hours and hours into, but because of randomized rewards, I might not gain anything useful to advance in the game. Yet games like this that require “grind” seem to appeal to the younger generation, and I catch myself about to judge them when I recall how much more time I had back when I was that age. Long, empty summers with no job, no family to take care of and nothing to do meant a lot of time to kill--what better way to pass time than to pound away at a game and feel like I'm accomplishing something through brute force? It can be immensely gratifying, somehow, but these days, not so much.

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