Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dreamation Battle Report, part 2

I don't care, I'm doing it!” This statement was something that the player of the human character on the team was heard to say several times, and the other players knew better than to try to dissuade him—he was fiercely determined to see his plans through, every time. When a smuggler ran to his car to escape the firefight, the human character, Zack, ran to the car as well, trying to hop in the passenger side with the smuggler. A contested skill check resulted in the smuggler managing to lock the doors just in time. Undaunted, Zack decided to “slap an EMP/Flash grenade on the windshield of the car,” despite my warnings that he, too, would be in the blast radius. “I don't care, I'm doing it!” he said emphatically, then ducked down on the side of the car. The smuggler made a skill check in Reaction to seeing the grenade placed on his windshield, and activated the windshield wipers, which quickly knocked the grenade right into Zack's lap. This might have been the end of our hero, but he reacted by Diving for Cover—onto the hood of the car! The grenade went off, damaging both him and the car, and the next round, the smuggler floored it and the car sped away at high speed—with Zack clutching the hood! Find out what happens next, tomorrow!

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