Friday, February 10, 2017

Getting Over the Post-product Release Blues...

Since I released the Explorer's Guide to Sa'mesh on Tuesday, I've been trying to figure out what project to focus on next. Next weekend, from the February 17-19, I'll be in New Jersey at the Dreamation convention, running Solar Echoes games, so I've decided to get a few more full-color battlemaps ready for the games. I thought about the different missions I usually run, and of course, Gun Runners from the Starter Kit is the best beginner mission. I already have some great maps for that, including a “fog of war” map option that makes sneaking around in the air-ducts a lot of fun. One short mission I have that needed a better map, though, is the “Novaburn Raid,” taken from the Novaburn Character Pack. In this mission, your team needs to raid an apartment where a group of hackers are operating. That little apartment can prove quite difficult to effectively breach and clear, with all kinds of corners, side rooms, and dangerous angles to consider when going up against the heavily-armed hacker gang. I just finished the full-color version of the map today, complete with lighting (so you or the criminals can hide in those shadows—watch out!) If you haven't purchased the $2 Novaburn Character Pack, it includes the Novaburn Raid mission, new pre-generated characters of each alien race for your team, map icons featuring the art of Sarah Carter, and now, the new full-color battlemap! If you downloaded the Pack before, you can update your download and enjoy the new map for free!

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