Thursday, February 23, 2017

Drop your weapon!

Every once in a rare while, players interpret something in the rules differently than intended. The game last weekend involves such an example. In the equipment section, the “Flash Freeze Grenade” description stated that the grenade “freezes everything in the blast radius.” An obvious, literal interpretation of that description is the assumption that everything is frozen in place, including targeted enemies, although this was not the intended design of the grenade—it was simply meant to do cold damage. I've since updated the Player's Guide with a new description, which now states, “the grenade covers an area with a wave of extreme cold.” I still played out the player's interpretation, though, which led to comical effect: a smuggler was aiming a pistol at the characters, but got hit with a flash freeze grenade. I allowed it to freeze him in place, and the characters all shouted, “Drop your weapon!” He tried to say between frozen, clenched teeth, “I can't!” but they couldn't hear him, and decided to shoot him anyway! Clearly, from nearby security camera footage, he had refused to drop his weapon!

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