Thursday, February 9, 2017

Post-product Release Blues 2

So I received the .stl file yesterday from 3D sculpting artist, Charles Oines, and I rushed upstairs to my 3D printer to get started. Keep in mind, my 3D printer is a Flash Forge, which is good with basic stuff but not great with detail. Plus, I think I need to play with the heat settings, because currently, you can see the layers when it prints. Anyway, I got my first Reln Voidrunner printed out--there's something that's so cool about bringing an image you've conceptualized to life and to actually hold it in your hand! This print is very low detail, but I've already uploaded the file to Shapeways and ordered copies in several different materials. As soon as those arrive, I'll post those pictures on Shapeways and make the product available. I'm soooo tempted to try to have them make this for me in stainless steel, wouldn't that be cool? They have options for silver, brass, bronze, and gold even, but it's expensive, so I probably won't make it available in those materials unless someone really wants a platinum Voidrunner. Enjoy the picture, and rest assured, far greater detailed prints are coming soon!

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