Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dreamation Battle Report, part 3

Yesterday, we left our indomitable hero clutching the hood of the smuggler's skimcar, racing away from the warehouse at high speed. Zack, the undaunted human agent, declared, “I'm pulling out my machine-gun and I'm aiming at the engine!” The smuggler saw this and reacted by slamming on the brakes, sending Zack flying through the air about 30 yards. Before hitting the ground and suffering painful injuries, Zack still managed to fire his gun at the smuggler's car, damaging it but missing the engine and the smuggler. As he landed upon the hard asphalt, now critically injured from the grenade and the crushing fall, Zack heard the smuggler revving the engine threateningly. The smuggler then opened fire on Zack with the mounted rotary cannon on his car. Zack somehow managed to roll aside fast enough to avoid the bullets, and as the car sped towards him, he used his last bit of strength to stand up. The car was about to crush him but he used his Reaction to sidestep away just in time, declaring, “I'm shooting him through the window as he drives by!” Unfortunately, the penalties from his critical injuries prevented Zack from hitting the escaping smuggler, but the rest of his team had already piled into two cars and were racing after him. Zack called angrily over the com unit, “Guys, come pick me up, I can barely stand here!”

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