Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Future Human (part 4)

In the future, we may see clones lobbying for equal rights and the right to marry clones or non-clones. This brings up questions of genetic degeneration. Would marrying a clone result in more frequent birth defects? Would clones marrying clones produce even more genetic risk to the clone-family child? In the Solar Echoes universe, if your character dies, he can be cloned, though with each successive cloning, he will degenerate until eventually it will be genetically unsafe to copy another copy. Your character, each time he is cloned, will sustain skill loss and personality changes until the last allowed, ninth generation of cloning, which produces a clone that is entirely mentally unstable. This can be a fun challenge to role-play in a game, but in reality, we don't yet know the genetic implications of repeated cloning. This perfectly sets the stage for yet another ethically questionable science lurking upon the horizon of of our future: genetic engineering.

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