Thursday, August 13, 2015

Stories from Shore Leave Con! (part 4)

I was a little surprised that the first group I ran a mission with was entirely lacking grenades, which often seems to be the first thing new players buy for their characters. But, it wasn't long into the day before other new players started to use them, especially after the success a particular female Reln had with them (she was mentioned on Monday, luring a look-out to his doom with her charms.) In one instance, her teammate opened the door to a room in an apartment and was nearly shot dead by the three criminals that were waiting in ambush, aiming at the doorway. He was critically wounded and barely crawled away but the Reln player decided to simply toss a grenade into the room from down the hallway. The grenade injured everyone, and they quickly repositioned to avoid another possible attack. But the devious Reln decided one wasn't enough, and she bounced another grenade into the room right into the very corner the criminals were huddling in. Even though they all dove for cover, the blast center was too close and they took close to full damage from the grenade. Although some of the intel they needed was destroyed, the Reln had effectively eliminated the threat with only 2 grenades--that's definitely one way to clear a room!

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