Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Future Human (part 3)

What if cloning someday becomes economical? Ethics often quickly erode where there is money to be made, and if cloning could produce a cheaper work-force for large corporations, we may have to worry about more than robots taking our jobs away. Assuming that someday technology will exist to produce a fully-grown human, a company may decide to generate its own work-force through a person's DNA, licensed for use. Someone might be able to go in for a job interview, prove themselves capable of a job, and simply submit their DNA to a company, then sit back and earn licensing fees as the company produces cloned workers from that DNA sample. In the Solar Echoes universe, for instance, the Union Guard clones its highly-specialized, deceased agents to save money on having to retrain new recruits. All of this, of course, assumes that somehow cloning will be able to capture a person's knowledge via a neurological “brain map,” but perhaps this will be possible some day in our future as well.

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