Monday, August 10, 2015

Stories from Shore Leave Con! (part 1)

This weekend at Shore Leave was awesome! There was a lot of interest in Solar Echoes, and never a shortage of players. I ran games from 10am until 1am on Saturday, and some of the same players as well as new players played Sunday morning and afternoon. It was a dynamic group of people, some who were veteran table-top RPG gamers and others who were trying it for the first time, ranging in age from as young as 13 up to the mid-twenties. This week I'll be sharing some of the highlights of the missions we experienced together, and I'll begin with a new player's clever manipulations: She was playing a Reln—an alien race known for their diplomatic/con-artist wordsmithing skills—and she had chosen the “good looking” feature for her character's physique. Her Reln saw that there was a lookout posted outside of an apartment the team needed to infiltrate, so she approached him flirtatiously. He was seduced by her feminine charm and lured away from his post to meet his untimely death under a nearby tree, the very tree where he had hoped to plant a kiss. It wouldn't be the last time her beauty and charm influenced the minds of those around her!

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