Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Stories from Shore Leave Con! (part 3)

Car chases in Solar Echoes can be full of surprises, and last weekend was no exception. At high speeds the team pursued in two separate vehicles and took on sharp turns, obstacles in the road, and swerved around traffic while shooting vehicle-mounted rotary cannons at their target. He did everything he could to lose them, even dropping magnetic caltrops that attached to the underside of their skimcar with a chance every round to completely deactivate their anti-grav system and send them crashing into the pavement. Just when it looked like the car chase would end with the team capturing their target, he acted in desperation and shot at an innocent civilian's car as he passed. The car spun wildly and the pilot of the team's leading car failed to avoid it, crashing right into it and flipping it up into the air as they spun out of control. Behind them, the trailing team members tried swerving to miss the lead car, but could not avoid the civilian's car that was spiraling through the air directly toward them. The crash was so catastrophic that almost everyone on the team was in the Dying/Unconscious state, and even though one of them managed to stabilize the others, they had to wait for another Union Guard operative to show up to help them before they could continue their mission.

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