Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Stories from Shore Leave Con! (part 2)

One of the teams that played this weekend was on a mission to stop malfunctioning, rampaging robots in a shopping mall. In Solar Echoes, if you reach the Dying/Unconscious stage on your bio-status track, you are in serious trouble—it means that unless treated medically, your character will die in a number of rounds equal to his stamina (usually 3 or 4.) When the team's Omul faced a malfunctioning maintenance robot, the robot sprayed him with oil. The slippery oil caused him to lose his footing and made it nearly impossible to stand up again. The robot then proceeded to light him on fire with a welding torch, and the character had only a few rounds left to live. Another team-member, an Erwani, rushed to his defense to try to revive him, but he was also sprayed with oil and was lit on fire by the robot. As both counted down their remaining life, the human on the team (who was a good distance away, dealing with another robot) decided to try sprinting the distance to reach them in time. His sprint would not be far enough, but he dove and landed in the oil, heroically sliding past the robot with only seconds to spare as his outstretched hand successfully injected his team-mate with medical nanites. Thankfully, the others arrived in time to destroy the confused robot before it could “repair” anyone else needing “maintenance.”

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