Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Was the Jetsons Cartoon Prophetic? (part 3)

Flying cars are the exciting news, since they haven't exactly taken off yet. Other technologies envisioned in the Jetsons, however, have. Flatscreen TV's and interactive flatscreen computers were commonplace in the Jetsons, mounted on walls like paintings. It's unfortunate some of our favorite classic science fiction shows and movies failed to predict this, because seeing the inside of starships outfit with clunky CRT computer monitors really ruins our suspension of disbelief. Not only were flatscreens commonplace in The Jetsons, but video chats were also a feature of the futuristic TV show. Today, Skype, FaceTime and others all allow for us to visually chat, real-time, with people anywhere in the world. Video-chat and video-conferencing is widely used in business, and it has become so common that it is considered as only a feature on most devices. It's impressive that the writers of Jetsons saw this coming back in the early 1960's!

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