Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Favorite Solar Echoes Alien Races (part 4)

I asked the GM of the French RPG group, Les Petits Joueurs (“The Little Gamers”) what his favorites were, and he talked about his players' favorites:

Fabrice plays Oosnubu, an Archaeloid tank/sharp-shooter. He was attracted by the resilience of the Archaeloid race, and having a background in wargaming, he associated the movement disavadvantage, as well as the shy and protective nature of the Archaeloids with the classic fantasy Dwarf, that he tends to play in a number of other settings. We also have a running joke in the group that one of the players MUST have a character with Swimming in his skills, and with their aquatic full movement, it was quite fitting.

Guillaume plays Khassim, a Krissethi inflitrator. He was attracted by the stealthy aspects of the krissethi, but also their tendency to be brash and greedy, that he associated with gangsta hip-hop. It was also an obvious choice for him since he prefers to play rogues and archers. More than that, he also wanted to play a "Bad Cop" character, so the reputation of mobsters of the Krissethi was weaved into his smuggler backstory.

Nicolas plays Prof. Zholthaân, a Reln negociator and Battlefield Controller. He was attracted by the Reln social advantage, and highly amused by their racial concept of stoicism (he insists every session that his character doesn't "believe" in radiations). He also tends to play spies and "Black Barons", morally dubious characters with extensive secret knowledge, so the Reln and their link to the Voidsea was an obvious choice for him. Oddly enough, he also decided that in his family (he is the son of a famous veteran), the concept of government-issued procreation rights of the Relns was pushed to the extreme, and his background is based on his rivalry between him and his brother to gain the approval of his father, that will decide which of the two will get the right to get married first. 


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