Friday, October 21, 2016

Virtual Reality is Real (part 5)

I have had a number of other VR experiences, including the “Sports Bar VR,” “Invasion,” some of the 360-degree short films in “Within,” and some of the games from the “VR Playroom.” Invasion was a miniature animated movie where you are standing in one place (with the body of a rabbit) and can observe what is going on around you. It is a neat way to watch a movie. “Within” allows you to look around in a 360-degree film, but I must admit I became motion-sick in one that had me strapped into a moving wheel-chair in an insane-asylum. Motion sickness is not something I have ever experienced from a game, but it may take a while before my brain can adjust to the belief that I am moving without the inner-ear sensation of actual motion. “Scavenger's Odyssey” in VR Worlds was very unsettling in regards to movement, and I could only play it for short sessions before I had to stop. Women naturally get motion-sick more easily than men, and my daughter barely managed a minute in Scavenger's Odyssey before she had to take the headset off. Despite this side-effect, though, a number of games I've played don't induce this feeling, and the experience of VR is really something you can't fully imagine—you really need to experience it yourself! This technology is not the gimmick I first suspected it might be. Virtual Reality is a revolution in gaming, and we're going to be seeing it implemented into the entertainment industry from all angles, not to mention its military, educational, and medical applications. In my opinion, VR is here to stay, and its only going to get better!

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