Monday, October 3, 2016

Was the Jetsons Cartoon Prophetic? (part 1)

Was the future depicted in “The Jetsons” cartoon far-fetched, or...strangely accurate? The cartoon was first aired in 1962, and later revived with new episodes from 1985 to 1987 in full color. It wasn't long ago that we might have chuckled at the suggestion that anything in the Jetsons would actually happen (if you even remember the show!), but as we approach 2017, it's looking like the futuristic cartoon may have been right—about a lot! Back in the 80's, many of us earnestly believed that flying cars would be a thing of the future. Movies like the “Back to the Future” series show flying cars as a way of life only a generation away. The setting of the Jetsons was also around the same time-frame, taking place in 2062. As we look around in frustration, feeling disappointed that flying cars never happened, something you might not have known about is brewing...

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