Monday, October 24, 2016

Favorite Solar Echoes Alien Races (part 1)

This week I've asked a few friends and family to tell me what their favorite Solar Echoes alien is, and why. I'd also like to hear from you and know what you think in this inter-stellar popularity contest. At the end of the week, I'll share the results and let you know who won! So, to start today, I'll share what some of my family thinks, starting with my wife. Her favorite is the insectoid Chiraktis, which she likes because they are intelligent (she must be referring to the worker drones of the race, not the warriors) and are extremely tenacious workers. She's definitely right about their tenacity, because the worker drones get a racial talent called "Devoted Tenacity." Plus, she thinks they look really cool, which is saying something because my wife hates bugs! My own parents, however, both chose the amoebic Omul, which might be because they've both read my unpublished Solar Echoes novel (know of any agents or publishers that might be interested? I'm looking...) My mother said she likes the Omul because it is a clever, intelligent creature that lacks social graces, interrupting conversations while acting like a child needing attention. Omuls do, in the Solar Echoes game, have the lowest possible "influence" attribute, meaning that they are really, really bad at persuasion-related skills. My father said he chose the Omul because it is the creepiest creature, especially with its "displace loyalty" and "inhabit other" racial talents. In his words, the Omul is "totally weird."

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