Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Favorite Solar Echoes Alien Races (part 3)

I asked two friends of mine, one that used to play RPG's and another that still does, what their favorite alien races are in Solar Echoes.

Chad: “I would have to saw Erwani because it's a non-humanoid species. Of course the Omul would fit into this category as well, but I like the Erwani better. I think role playing from the perspective of intelligent plant life creates many interesting scenarios.”

Gregg: “All of the Solar Echoes races hold some appeal, but the one I keep coming back to is the Omul. Part of the reason is that I see myself first and foremost as an individual, and the notion of collectivism makes me cringe (I would not make a good Chiraktis.) But the true appeal of the Omul is that I wonder what their culture and society look like. Is it as formless and mutable as the Omul themselves? What does their architecture and art look like? Would life in an ever-changing world be ultimate freedom, or total madness? I imagine that like the Omul themselves, the answer is a paradox.” 

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