Friday, March 25, 2016

The Ripples of Social Technology (part 5)

On the plus side, research has shown that families are actually becoming closer as a result of technology. Children and parents are able to text and communicate 24/7, and sharing photos and videos has allowed for familes to become more a part of each other's lives. Yet research has also shown that parents and kids both are feeling a hunger for more face-to-face time. While it is debatable that the internet and texting is causing us to become more disconnected from each other, it is definitely clear that we now have an entirely different social environment surrounding us than our parents did in their generation. Manners, privacy, and discretion are concepts that we now must make more of an effort to maintain, coupled with the other challenges that come with having so much digital presence and interaction. Our society is changing quickly. How is our humanity changing with it?

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