Thursday, March 3, 2016

Tabletop RPG’s Online (part 4)

If you visit the webpage, you’ll find that they’ve made available an impressive program that mimics the table-top environment. This virtual table-top design allows for players to connect online and use webcams (or simple chat, if a webcam isn’t available) to play together at their PC. The GM and players can move icons representing their characters around, roll virtual dice on the screen, and record game information in various ways. Pre-made icons can be brought in by the GM, or purchased in the marketplace. These icons can also be used to track damage, effects, and other details during the game. The GM can spontaneously draw or bring in his own maps, and can even use features like fog of war and dynamic lighting to increase immersion. Solar Echoes works quite well on, and I’ve just begun to put together icon packs for people to use from the Roll20 marketplace. I'll provide a link to the “Solar Echoes Alien Character Pack” as soon as they post it in their marketplace!

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