Thursday, March 17, 2016

Are We Paying Attention? (part 4)

Two years ago, roboticists from Canada's Clearpath Robotics promised that they will not build robots for military use. On the company website, a declaration was made: “To the people against killer robots: we support you.” Though promising not to build the Terminator is a positive step, military use of AI is rampant, with strike-drones already being near-autonomous. As an example, the British military drone, the Taranis, is an unmanned attack aircraft able to fly itself halfway around the world and select enemy targets on its own. The U.S. military aimed to have at least 30 percent of its ground forces weapon systems automated by the end of last year. Though the military insists that they still retain control of deciding when to fire a weapon system, the progressively autonomous nature of drone AI design raises serious concerns.

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