Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Ripples of Social Technology (part 3)

One advantage of texting is that it provides a digital record of the conversation, which became very useful for us just last week when dealing with Comcast. My wife was trying to set things up for her mother last week, and live-chatted with a tech who made promises for certain channels and internet access. Without going into the long details about how Comcast constantly lied to us and gave us a continual run-around, my wife was able to use the live-chat transcript and email it to the supervising manager to ensure that Comcast kept their word. In legal situations, email and texting records are extremely useful in providing the necessary evidence of claims. In this era, it is much easier to “get things in writing,” though it is easy to wonder if the internet itself has spawned more distrust because of the faceless anonymity it provides.

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