Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Ripples of Social Technology (part 4)

How many times have you heard about someone losing their job because of posted comments on social media? You've also no doubt experienced phishing scams—though hopefully haven't been the victim of one—perpetrated through your own inbox. Cyber-bullying, computer viruses, NSA monitoring—these are just a few of the other concerns that come with the use of the internet and texting. Location stamps and other private information through social media and our phones provide stalkers (and worse) with easy access to our lives and those of our children. Advertisers are also enterprising on the lowering of our guard, as the last shreds of our privacy are being stripped away. Even our own “smart” TV's actually monitor and record the conversations we have around it, and then feed that data to the manufacturer. (Don't believe me? Just Google “Samsung Smart TV Listening) With all this technology comes great sacrifice, but are we concerned enough about what we've already lost?

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