Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Are We Paying Attention? (part 2)

A conference in Puerto Rico was called by Elon Musk for those building products with advanced AI. Musk asked for a pledge to consider the ethical implications of AI research, and an open letter was signed by participants, promising AI research will be conducted for good while “avoiding potential pitfalls.” Musk has also signed the letter, pledging his dedication to “AI Safety.” Nine researchers from the Google-acquired AI research company, DeepMind, also signed the letter, though Google has been very secretive about its ambitions with DeepMind. The letter outlined research priorities for AI, such as its economic and legal implications, as well as the security of AI systems. What measures are in place to prevent trading algorithms from crashing the stock market? How will self-driving vehicles impact the job market for taxi cab and bus drivers? Questions like these are being considered to help prevent AI systems from taking over blue-collar jobs. Still, well-intentioned pledges don't exactly comfort me as much as a restrictive global law.

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