Friday, February 19, 2016

Tales from Farpoint (part 5)

Without giving anything away about the new mission that will be released tomorrow, “The Heist Stratagem” involved a lot of sneaking around the bank while the bank robbers were busy in the vault and the safe-deposit box room. The players at the Farpoint convention were great at finding useful items throughout the bank that they used to craft their own homemade weapons. The crafting system involved first noticing an item in an area with a successful Awareness check, and then also making a successful Resourcefulness check. If those checks were made, then the character knew what other items he needed and how to construct a particular item. Once he found all the items, he was then able to build the desired weapon or item, combining them together and crafting something that represented an actual weapon in the Solar Echoes game, with somewhat lower values (a crafted item isn't going to perform as well as the real thing, of course.) Look for more details later today on “The Heist Stratagem."

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