Friday, February 12, 2016

Preparing a Heist (part 5)

One of the last stages of designing this mission has been introducing an event track. These pre-scripted events need to occur to advance the story. Without them, all I'd have is a realistic sandbox for players to mess around in, but nothing to give them true purpose or definitive goals. These events can prompt players who might have deviated too far off track—this is a dynamic, open-ended game, and being part of and shaping a larger story is much more gratifying to players than aimlessly searching for a reason to be playing the game. Each event presents characters with a situation they must react to, and these events are designed to challenge the players in various ways. For instance, the first main event in the upcoming heist mission is when the bad guys burst into the bank and quickly take control of the environment. Over the course of the game, I am excited to see how players will take advantage of the bank robbers during moments of oversight, finding strategic advantages, subtly creating problems for the criminals, or even using clever words to talk their way towards their goals. Look for “The Heist Stratagem” sometime in the next few weeks, it's going to be fun!

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