Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tales from Farpoint (part 2)

I always see something new each time I run Solar Echoes games, and this weekend was no exception. When the players' team chased the smugglers to a local starport, they had to figure out which terminal the smugglers were using to load their starship with contraband. When they located the smugglers, there were still a lot of civilians walking around the terminal, so the players all tried to hide the fact that they were Union Guard agents as they approached. One player managed a very successful disguise check, and managed to get close to the starship cargo bay without being noticed. When the other agents were recognized and battle ensued (causing screaming civilians to run in all directions), the disguised agent used the distraction as a chance to slip onto the ship unseen, closing the cargo bay door behind him. The smugglers were locked outside their ship and had to face the other UG agents in battle, but then things took an unexpected turn. One of the UG agents, who had left the group earlier to warm up a UG starship, showed up on the scene in the starship and started sending threatening messages to the smuggler's starship, not knowing his own team-member was already aboard. Despite attempts at communication, he decided to start firing missiles at the starship...regardless of the potential damage to the starport and the civilians. Local police quickly responded in their own starships, and after giving the rogue UG agent an order to stand down and stop firing (he refused), all of the police starships fired upon him and he was destroyed. Other than that, the mission resolved nicely, but that event was a sobering reminder that this is a game with real consequences for actions. The players are, after all, supposed to be working together on the side of the law.

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