Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tales from Farpoint (part 3)

An entirely different group of players played the same scenario the next day, with different results. One of their team also had the same idea as the player from the day before—he tried to board the smuggler's ship. His character had actually spent some time doing some research on the smuggler gang, making sure his disguise included the proper gang symbols and colors. He almost pulled off the ruse, but when he got on the ship, the smugglers all did, too. They were about to leave to escape the UG agents outside, but this player started acting suspicious, trying to get into the engine room (to sabotage the ship). Even with the best disguise, some activities are very tough to explain away with words—the smugglers finally forced him out of the ship back into the starport, even though some thought he might still be a new member of the gang. The smuggler's starship took off, and the UG agents quickly boarded their own starship and gave chase. After an intense starship battle, the smuggler's ship was too damaged to continue, so they surrendered. The UG agents decided to try to board the ship to retrieve the contraband, but the first person to open the airlock door to board the ship was gunned down with focus fire by all the smugglers. Their teammate down, the other UG agents pulled him back to safety, disengaged their ship's docking umbilical, sent the message: “You chose your fate,” and fired a final missile at the smuggler's ship in retribution, blowing it to pieces. They may not have recovered the military contraband, but at least it didn't fall into enemy hands!

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