Monday, February 15, 2016

Tales from Farpoint (part 1)

This weekend, I attended the Farpoint Convention and ran Solar Echoes games in the gameroom. I met a lot of great people and had a ton of fun seeing them try Solar Echoes for the first time. This week, I'll discuss a few of the memorable moments during our games together! To begin, the first group consisted of four people, later joined by a fifth. A couple of them designed their own characters and the others decided that they liked some of the pre-made characters that were available. After I gave everyone a briefing on the basic rules, we jumped into our first mission. Intel indicated there was a gun sale being made of illegal military weapons, and the players' team needed to go break it up, and get a key person out of the situation alive. When the team arrived at the warehouse, they detected a security robot on partrol—a mechanized, dog-like, walking tank. One of the team determined (with his Robot ID talent) that the robot was over-sensitive to bright light, so the team used the headlights of their car to blind it while attacking. They managed to finish it off, but not before another player noticed a second robot coming around the corner. Most of the team ran to the side of the building, but one stayed behind and chose to drive the car into the robot, ramming it up against the side of the warehouse. This tactic paid off nicely, and the rest of the team was able to easily destroy the remains of the crushed robot with focused fire from their firearms. All hopes of a stealthy entry into the warehouse were lost—the smugglers knew they were there from the noise--but the team was alive and well after defeating two tough sentry robots!

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